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In our effort to preserve the environment and ensure that honey farming is practiced in its most sustainable way, we provide educational and training courses to local farmers. These courses allow them to learn the proper ways to take care of their bee colonies and subsequently allow them to earn a regular supplementary income.

Our beekeeping classes comprises of both theoretical and practical lessons, where participants get to understand the works of keeping bees through our interactive sessions. Our trainer will then bring the participants out on the field for that much needed hands-on practical lessons at our model bee farms.

Over the years, EWI had developed a comprehensive set of training materials, courses and equipments, and had helped to train hundreds of local farmers with positive results. These local farmers are now able to maintain the bee colonies effectively and harvest quality honey consistently.

Training local farmers beekeeping - theory classes
Attentive participants during the theory classes of training sessions for local farmers.

Training local farmers beekeeping - demonstrations
A demonstration of hive care during training session for local farmers.

Training local farmers beekeeping - hands on classes
A practical lesson of hive care and harvesting during training session for local farmers.