Uganda Honey - Honey in its purest Keeping bees in Uganda since 2001 - Little Honey Man


Started in 2001, EastWest Innovations (EWI) Uganda Limited began its operations with the purpose of developing the Uganda Honey trade as a viable supplement income for the Ugandan farmers, with sustainable beekeeping as its modus operandi.

Today, EWI's honey is a recognized source of pure, unadultered honey. Since mid-2005, honey from EWI has been certified to meet the rigourous European Commission's Food Safety standard. Over the years we have maintained this certification through our continous effort to educate and the training of our local beekeepers.

From origin to consumer, EWI monitors its entire processing to ensure that YOU get honey in its purest.

Uganda Honey in Kichwamba

A row of Ugandan Honey KTB hives nestled in vegetation on the fringe of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kichwamba, Uganda.

Honey Harvesting from a traditional bee hive using modern equipment

Trained beekeeper carefully harvesting honey from a traditional bee hive with the help of modern equipment.

Honey Refining using Stainless steel tanks

Honey refined in stainless steel tanks after going through simple honey pressing.

Honey packaged for sale.

Honey in a jar ready for consumption.